During the summer of 2011

…after a great day of racing a Newmarket me and a few friends got invited for a few more drinks at there local pub The Boot just outside Newmarket, Where I got chatting to a man at the bar called Pete we got on great and had a good laugh, it turned out to be dual derby winning trainer Peter Chapple Hyam I still didn’t know who he was until I got home and searched him on the internet. I had out grown my current trainer and a move was on the cards. It was around a month later i gave Pete a call and sent him Sonoran Sands.



In 2012 I had a right touch, I had seen a yearling for sale off a trainer I knew so I called him up but he wouldn’t sell him to me, So I got my Moroccan friend to call him up a few weeks later and told him he was a Lebanese Fishing Tycoon with Millions and wanted to get into horse racing and that someone had recommended him , BINGO he offered to sell him the horse I wanted, I sent my daughter to London to make the bank transfer for the horse as if it was at my local bank I think he might of caught on. The deal was the horse had to stay in training with him thou. The sale went through with out a hiccup buy the way the horse was only £8,000. A few weeks went past with the training telling everyone he had a new Lebanese Fishing Millionaire as his new big owner.

Then I sent someone to go and collect the horse and send him to Pete’s. The horse turned out to be MAXENTIUS the 3rd best 2 year old in Europe in 2012. He won his first 2 races and then came 3rd in the Champagne Stakes Group 2 at Newmarket with Olympic Glory winning, the the going that day was heavy and the Jockey said if the ground was good we would of won. After the Champagne Stakes we was offered $300,000 dollars for 50% of the horse but he had to go to America, After a long hard think I declined the offer. If it’s one thing I have learnt in racing is to sell if you get a good enough offer.




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